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C902 Production MGS

This proven machine has an unsurpassed ability to recover fine and ultra-fine materials. The MGS continuous process is low energy and its robust design requires minimal maintenance

Laboratory Table, Analytical Table, Mineral Table, Separation Table, Mozely Superpanner, C800

C800 Analytical Table

The laboratory super panner is an industry standard for mineral separation testing, now with variable direct motor drive for improved control. 


Lab Vacuum Filter

Our own design of simple vacuum filter for the dewatering of small laboratory mineral samples.

We use it every day and it saves us a lot of time when preparing dry samples

Mixing Tank, Stirred Tank

Mixing Tanks

We manufacture a range to tanks and support frames for mixing, 

thickening and mineral feed.


C900 Pilot Plant MGS

A pilot scale MGS machine to prove concepts and processes without the financial commitment of a  production machine. Often used in small scale mining or to recover materials from fine waste streams  

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Peristaltic Pumps

We manufacture and supply a range of peristaltic pumps for all our laboratory and production machines

Stirred Mill, Laboratory Gringing Mill

Stirred Mill Detritor

A range of small stirred mill detritors designed for ultrafine grinding of feed for the MGS machines

Bottle Rollers, Laboratory equipment

Bottle Rollers

A bottle roller designed for leach testing, solid construction and variable speed drive motor


Micro MGS

Designed specifically as an affordable and complete portable solution to help make big decisions from smaller mineral samples

Cyclone Range corrected.png


Visit our Hydrocylones site for full information on our range of Cyclones and Systems

Mineral Spirals, Gravity Spirals, Gravity Separation

Mineral Spirals

We work closely with SW Metallurgical Services to supply top quality mineral spirals for gravity mining applications

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